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Talitha Rieken is the manager of Metro Dental Care, a thriving dental practice with 40 locations. As a manager that wears a lot of hats, she holds responsibility in many areas of the organization including staffing and scheduling. Her desire to build and evolve her team is often overshadowed by a lengthy and inefficient scheduling, hiring process, and interviewing process.

With data dispersed between two calendars, Talitha was responsible for employee scheduling, tracking hours, managing employee availability, accountability, and training. Prior to using When I Work, Talitha’s staff relied on Outlook calendars—a system that wasn’t shareable or user friendly.

After adopting When I Work and onboarding employees into the system, employees across the board have received the software with positive acclaims. Not only does it fit well with flex-time workers, scheduling capabilities now extend to multiple locations to help save time and eliminate manual entry.

Talitha’s time savings allow her to focus her efforts rethinking other areas of the organization. When I Work offers online help that’s quickly and readily accessible which means Talitha’s no longer the point person for questions. Giving her more time to focus on building her team and looking at new goals.

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