Employee Engagement: A Day In The Life of Your Employees

Employees who are fully engaged in the companies they work for make up 30% of the workforce, a number that’s on the rise from 10 years ago. Although there are likely many factors that have in some way influenced this steady increase over time, many people often point to advances in technology and the widespread adoption of the internet and mobile devices as primary reasons for rises in workplace engagement. According to recent research, engaged employees have approximately 41% fewer quality defects and have 50% fewer accidents in the workplace. These employees save their businesses time and money, while employee disengagement costs the U.S. anywhere between $450 to $550 billion annually. That’s a huge expense! In the following infographic, we’ll list a number of tools that can not only help make employees more efficient and more engaged while on the job, but also ultimately save managers and entire companies precious time and money. Take a look:

 Employee Engagement: A Day In The Life of Your Employees (IG)

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