Delightful Payroll Meets Simple Scheduling

Today we’re excited to announce a new, exciting partnership with ZenPayroll—a company that provides a modern cloud-based payroll service that is simple and delightful to use.

Like us, ZenPayroll is a company dedicated to streamlining traditional business management processes through the use of easy-to-use technology and software solutions. Today, the company is officially launching the first API for modern payroll, which allows third party software providers like When I Work (and WageBase) to integrate ZenPayroll into their offerings.

We understand that as a business owner, you’re constantly committed to improving products and services, employee satisfaction, and the overall productivity of your business. Our goal has always been to help you become a more efficient business owner and manager of people through the use of our simple employee scheduling solutions. By partnering with ZenPayroll, we’re able to offer an additional service that will save you time by making your payroll processes a lot easier. This will ultimately allow you to focus on what you do best—improving and growing your business.

Using the new ZenPayroll API, our customers will now be able to send data automatically to ZenPayroll, eliminating redundant data entry and costly errors. Customers can run payroll and administer benefits in minutes from any connected device. All government payroll reporting is done automatically and paperlessly, providing the easiest way for business owners to manage payroll taxes and compliance.

We’re not the only ones who are excited about the release of the new ZenPayroll API. There are also a handful of other like-minded business owners who are looking forward to using the API to improve their offerings and make business management more efficient. For example, Gabriel Torres, co-owner of Custom Built Insurance, said the following about the new API:

“We run our insurance business virtually and efficiently, applying many lessons picked up from various industries,” said  Torres. “It’s a pain to use lots of disconnected systems to run your business and we’re excited about all the possibilities that ZenPayroll’s API opens up. For example, we can easily see us integrating our CRM with payroll. If you’re not constantly figuring out new ways to be efficient, you’ll be swallowed up by competitors.”

To learn more about how ZenPayroll is changing the way business owners pay their employees and manage company finances, click here.

To read about the announcement on the ZenPayroll blog, click here.

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