5 Tips To Drive More Salon and Spa Appointments in March

Post Valentine’s Day and pre-prom season can see a slight lull in your salon. Don’t stay idle during this time. From new offers to unique experiences, we can help you keep your holiday momentum going with our tips to book more appointments in March. Whether you have multiple locations or one, these ideas are on-trend and will delight both new and old customers.

  1. Offer a “pop-up” service night. This is a great way to road test implementing a new service into your salon. You can make this a special client-only event to cultivate loyalty with your current customers or you could make this a public event to gauge general interest in your region (if possible, try both!). You could test out hair thinning or loss services (Afterall, 40% of women experience hair thinning by the time they are 40), adding on to your services for men, or simply offer a “VIP pop-up” event for customers and give them package or discount prices on services.
  2. Run an “all-inclusive offer”. Most people already think of a day at the salon as a vacation, so take that feeling up a notch and offer your clients an “all-inclusive”. You can offer packages that include all the additional services your salon has to offer. Doing this will introduce clients to new treatments they may not have tried as a standalone service, but when bundled with other things they would already come in for, you are offering them an exclusive deal.
  3. Host a collaboration night. Whether it’s with your local paint and wine store or a boutique, you can offer clients an exclusive experience they won’t get elsewhere. Offer discounts on product and services that night, and send customers home with a small goodie bag (yes, just like you used to get at birthday parties) that way every person who comes feels like they had a special experience and they can take home your salon information for future use.
  4. Host a training night for customers. Your customers love to come to your salon and leave feeling like their hair has never looked better, but when they have to go home and style their new ‘do on their own, it can be a challenge. Host a hair workshop and teach your customers how to achieve some popular hairstyles. You can have themed nights that focus on new trends like braids or blow-outs. Offer exclusive packages at a discounted rate for attending and discount any product they purchase that night.
  5. Bring a friend day. Your current customers can be your greatest advocates. Offer a BOGO style deal for your current customers if they bring in a friend. They can get the same service for half the price, and you can expand your clientele.

Be sure to share not only the promotion of these events on your social channels, but sneak peeks of the events themselves to drive interest and engagement around your salon. If successful, these could be ongoing events that clients can look forward to.

All of these appointment drivers can be used throughout the year and will help build a community around your salon. Your stylists and clients will create lasting relationships that will result in customer loyalty and advocacy.