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Simplify Communication For Your Entire Team

Communication between managers and employees doesn’t need to be messy or difficult. Team Messaging from When I Work helps you ensure that everyone on your team is in lockstep at all times, no matter where they are.

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Fast and Secure Messaging. For Everyone.

Eliminate the need for all the different channels and tools that your team has historically used to communicate with one another. Bring all team communication under one private and secure roof. Keep your team updated in real-time and never worry about giving out personal phone numbers ever again.

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Chat in real-time with employees and coworkers

Send a photo of the new work schedule to your entire team at once

Answer questions, post announcements, communicate last-minute schedule changes

Stay Connected to Your Team

Improve communication across your entire team by allowing and encouraging employees to chat with you and each other in real-time.

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What Can You Do With WorkChat?

WorkChat makes it easy to communicate in real-time with your entire team, an individual, or a select group of people. It’s the best way to quickly send out updates, announcements, and photos.

  • Post Announcements

    Keep your team up-to-date on important information by sending a quick announcement to everyone at the same time.

  • Share Pictures

    Post photos and snapshots that help provide employees with the information they need to work successful shifts.

  • Build Community

    Create a sense of community among your team by inviting everyone to chat each other throughout the week.

  • Get Last-Minute Help

    Quickly reach out to your team when you need volunteers to help you complete tasks related to your business.

  • Ask Questions

    Get answers to questions without having to pick up the phone, send a flurry of text messages, or meet on location.

  • Communicate 1:1

    Have a private 1:1 conversation with one of your employees without having to text, email, or call them.

  • Send Reminders

    Keep employees accountable and successful by sending them reminders about the week ahead.

  • Start Group Messages

    Create a private group chat for times when you only want to communicate with a handful of people on your team.

Team Communication from Anywhere

Keep everyone up-to-date on scheduling changes and announcements in real-time—from anywhere. Use Team Messaging from When I Work and spend less time creating new group text threads, sending Facebook messages, dialing phone numbers, and writing important notes and announcements for employees and managers.

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