Which Type of Sports Fan Are You? [GIFs]

Yeah…you’re that kind of sports fan, aren’t you? Admit it…you are:

1. The one who—win or lose—screams no matter what

2. The one who cries uncontrollably after every loss

3. The one who always has to take things just a tad too far…

4. The one who will always be a kid at heart

5. The one who’s just there to dance

6. The one who always yells at the players

7. The one who isn’t impressed. Ever.

8. The one who brings the girlfriend (or boyfriend) who doesn’t care about sports…and regrets it

9. The one who dreams of one day doing this

10. The one who is way too committed to high-fiving everyone in sight

11. The one that everyone else desperately wishes this would to happen to

12. The one who who bought season tickets to watch a team that never wins

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