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Your business goes beyond your desk. So should your employee scheduling software. Employee scheduling apps for iPhone and Android help you and your employees manage the schedule while on the go.

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The gray boxes allow you to quickly see who's available and who's not at a glance when you are making the schedule.

Easily publish the schedule and notify your employees with a text message or an email.

Drag and drop shifts, or copy entire templates so you can quickly create a schedule that works for everyone.

Easily manage multiple job sites, or even entirely different business locations - all from the same account.

Employee scheduling for smart businesses.
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Restaurants & Cafes

Better Staff Scheduling

Help your servers, cooks, bartenders, and other food service team members focus less on their schedules and more on creating an unforgettable experience for your customers.

Fill Your Shifts

Rest easy knowing that your server shifts will never go unexpectedly unfilled again when you use employee scheduling software to manage your team.

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Better Prepared Staff

The employees that work at your store should dedicate their time and energy to customer service and sales—not on next week’s schedule or tomorrow’s shift.

Get More Done

As a manager, you can eliminate distractions, improve employee satisfaction, and get more done in a day by using employee scheduling software to communicate with your team.

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Improve Manager Efficiency

When I Work gives nursing managers, physicians, and clinics the ability to quickly make and communicate work schedules so they can focus on improving patient care.

Keep Things Moving

With employee scheduling software, staff nurses, dental practices, and pharmacies can ensure that staffing needs are met.

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Theme Parks & Zoos

Right People, Right Place

The team at your theme park or zoo is made up of a lot of people who all work in different areas around your park. Employee scheduling software can help you get the right people to the right place at the right time—all while saving you time.

Feel Better Prepared

When you use employee scheduling software, you don’t need to spend time worrying about how your going to communicate with all the people and departments you’re tasked with managing.

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Coffee Shops

Better Communication

Managers of coffee shops can keep their staff accountable with the help of real-time text message alerts and email notifications—so employees always know when they work.

Less Time Wasted

Employee scheduling software can save your managers time and energy, make your employees happier, and allow you to always ensure your coffee shop runs at full capacity.

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Fill Open Shifts

At your salon, the last thing you need is time-consuming, chaotic scheduling. When I Work helps you stay organized so you keep your employees happy and your customers coming back for more services.

Get More Customers

Salon owners and managers can take advantage of employee scheduling software to save time, improve employee happiness, and boost overall profits by making a good first impression.

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On The Go

If you manage the schedule for a nursing home, clinic, or home health care, you likely have your hands full trying to work around variable shifts at changing locations.

Streamline Care

Use shift planning software to communicate more effectively with your employees, manage complex schedules, and ensure patients and clients are taken care of.

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Simplify Your Events

If you're in charge of scheduling staff for events, or if you run a catering company, you have more than simple shift-times to consider. Make scheduling your staff simple so you can focus on the upcoming event.

The Right Venue

Shift planning software can save you the headache of constantly having to remind employees which site they need to be at and when they need to be there.

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Learn Faster

Your education staff ebbs and flows throughout the school year. Shift schedules change constantly, new employees come on board, and time off requests flood in from all departments. When I Work is easy to learn so you can keep things moving.

Better Communications

With so many people coming and going on your team, you need an effective way to communicate schedule changes, open shifts, and time-off. Shift planning software can help you become a more efficient manager, and help take the chaos out of managing your team.

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Make Events Easy

If you're coordinating an event, you need to make sure every food item, booth setup, activity corner etc. makes it from point A to point B in time, but you also need to ensure you have enough volunteers to cover all your bases.

The Right Venue

Shift planning software from When I Work can make it possible for you to focus more on the success of your event and less on answering questions about where your volunteers need to be.

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Professional Services

Multiple Job Sites

Your managers and workers need to know when and where they work, especially if you have multiple job sites - like construction, and you need to be able to spend more time on tasks other than scheduling shifts.

Rest Easy

Put more time into your day to complete these tasks by implementing shift planning software for your teams.

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Emergency Services

Faster Response

Your law enforcement, EMS, or emergency response team needs to be able to respond and work fast. They can’t waste time wondering about their next shift.

Better Communication

When I Work helps fire, police and EMS organizations schedule and communicate with employees and emergency responders. It uses the web, text messaging and mobile apps to give supervisors and employees access to the schedule 24/7/365 —from anywhere.

On Desktop & Mobile

Run your business from your office or pocket. When I Work is mobile focused so nearly everything you do from your desktop, you can also do from your phone. Want to add a location? Onboard a new employee? No problem.

Online Scheduling Features for mobile scheduling app and shift planning software for workforce management

Five-Star Rated Employee Scheduling Software

Business owners spend way too much time on employee scheduling because they’re stuck using programs like Excel, or even worse— a pencil and paper. Employee scheduling software can help you build your schedule for the week in as little as 15 minutes. When I Work is a top-rated employee scheduling app that does more than just save you time on scheduling. It also helps you improve communication, eliminate excuses, boost accountability among your staff, track time and attendance, and grow your business.

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