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Track Their Time

The easiest way to schedule, communicate and track attendance with your hourly employees. Save tons of time and reduce absenteeism.

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Over 4000 Happy Customers Worldwide

You're in good company! More than 250,000 people in over 50 countries rely on When I Work for employee scheduling and communication.

Put the Schedule in Everyone's Pocket
with a Text Message or Smartphone

When I Work simplifies employee scheduling and communication by using an innovative blend of collaborative communication technologies, including the web, mobile apps, text messaging, social media, and email. When I Work’s incredibly simple interface and intelligent communication platform saves time and money while reducing absenteeism and improving employee accountability.

Employee Scheduling Software
Android Employee Scheduling App

Free Mobile Apps
for iPhone & Android

When I Work is the easiest way to schedule and communicate with your employees from your Android, iPhone, iPod Touch or Desktop PC. Put the work schedule in your employee's pocket.

  • Simple Staff Scheduling

    Employee scheduling software should be easy. When I Work is easy-to-use and a snap to learn. You’ll pick it up in a few minutes, not hours, days or weeks. Give employees 24/7 access to the schedule with apps for iPhone & Android. Scheduling employees online or on-the-go couldn't be easier.

  • Technology That Works

    There’s nothing to install or maintain. It's easy to set up. Enjoy a fast and enthusiastic adoption by staff. Managers and employees just “get it.” Online employee scheduling software doesn't have to be a hassle. We've taken the learning curve out of employee scheduling so you can get more done.

  • Schedule Templates

    Do the schedule once. Use employee schedule templates to start your schedule and then fine tune it until it's just right. Spend less time scheduling your staff. A work schedule template helps you plan ahead. Save a schedule template
    during peak times and use it when you need it.

  • Focus & Flexibility

    We built an employee scheduling system that we'd want to use ourselves. It's lean and focused on scheduling and
    communication. No bloat, all focus. Scheduling staff online makes it easy for you and your employees to communicate about schedule changes and time-off requests.

  • Staff Scheduling On-the-go

    Always keep your staff schedule current and accurate. Our mobile employee scheduling apps for iPhone and Android make it easy to stay on top of things. Scheduling staff online makes it easy to fill open shifts and reduce absenteeism. Employees are more accountable with scheduled SMS alerts.

  • Employee Scheduling Tools

    Everything you need to get started is in an easy toolbox. Create and edit employees, positions, locations, or job sites in a snap. Our employee scheduling program makes it easy to schedule staff at job sites. If employees are mobile, the
    mobile scheduling apps include map links.

Text Your Staff

Use TeamTxt™ and 2-way text messaging service to reliably communicate with your staff anytime, anywhere.

Stay Connected

Make changes and updates to the work schedule anytime from your Android or iPhone. Fill open shifts in seconds.

Spend Less

Plan your payroll expenses and overtime in real-time. Instantly see how many hours and dollars are being scheduled.

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