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Chimes Delaware

Chimes provides staffing to Group Homes on a round the clock 24/7 schedule. They have over 300 employees working at over 50 Group Homes. Employee roles include; house manager and direct support professionals.





"[When I Work] is well worth the money. We evaluated it for six months and it did everything we wanted. It is very beneficial to us for controlling overtime costs."

-Michael Dube, Program Director

Columbus Zoo & Aquarium

Open since 1927 and long-considered one of the top-ten zoos in America, this zoo continuously focuses on ways to grow while retaining their mark of excellence in the zoo community. Their focus on quality has paid off, as the USA Travel Guide calls it the aspiration of any traditional zoo. Along with over 7,000 animals, this zoo has more recently expanded to include a water park, amusement park and golf resort.





"The text message 'shift reminders' helped eliminate employee tardiness and absences, plus employees are better prepared for work. My managers are now able to create a 150+ person schedule in about an hour and our staffing this summer has been better than ever."

-Director of Operations, Columbus Zoo & Aquarium

Lanier World

Georgia's premier resort and summer vacation destination. 400+ employees | 12 departments, 16 different job roles.





"We looked at other scheduling systems but chose When I Work because it was easy to use and the employees like using it. Before, the managers were on the phone all the time with employees about schedules. When I Work eliminated most of those calls by helping the employees be more self-reliant."

-Operations Director, Lanier World

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