Spark Employee Performance & Supercharge Business Growth

Empower your employees, strengthen your team, and grow your business by learning how to build an effective employee onboarding program.

WhenIWork + HelloSign
with Jason Delodovici & Gina Lau

Thursday, March 19

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In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why a Structured Onboarding Process Matters
  • How When I Work & HelloSign Successfully Onboard Employees
  • Actionable Steps For Developing Your Own Onboarding Program

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Thursday, March 19 @ 1PM CDT - Check your local time zone

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What surprised you most about onboarding?

"Honestly, I was most surprised by the level of involvement/investment by the company in my onboarding. I had the opportunity to spend time with and connect with people from almost every team, all the way up to the CEO. In a startup environment, interdepartmental cooperation is important, though at HelloSign, it's a way of life."

- Alex Griffen, Customer Support Representative.

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