Step 1: Set up Your Account

Get all your settings just right — like the start day of the week, what features you want enabled, and your time zone. You’ll also learn how to get your payroll and time clock set up too.


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Set your timezone & company details

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Get your schedule features & settings just right

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Set up your time clock & payroll settings

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Step 2: Add & Invite Your Employees

Get your employees registered and engaged with your account by importing your employee list. Also learn how to set up the positions your employees can work and their hourly rates.


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Import & invite your employees

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Individually add your employees

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Tag them to positions, locations & set pay rates

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Step 3: Schedule & Notify Your Employees

Create Shift Templates to quickly set up your schedule. Then get the schedule out to your staff using email, text message, and push notifications.


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Create regular occurring shifts (aka Shift Templates)

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Assign shifts to your employees

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