Scheduling Apps for
iPhone & Android

Start Saving Time in 3 Easy Steps

We'll turn 8 hours a week into 15 minutes a week.


Build an Entire Week’s
Schedule in Minutes
(Save Hours Every Week)

  • Start with a template instead of from scratch
  • Drag and drop shifts
  • Instantly see who is available and qualified

Share the Schedule With
Everyone in One Click

  • Click publish and employees get notified instantly
  • No more calls to you to ask about the schedule
  • Absentees reduce by 25% on average

Handle Changes and
Replacements Instantly
During the Week

  • Handle changes on your phone or computer
  • Select qualified employees and click send
  • Qualified employee can fill the position in a click.

Manage your workplace from your pocket.

Mobile employee scheduling apps help you and staff do everything on-the-go.

Get the app. We’ll text you the link.

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Mobile & Productive

See who's coming in, add a new job, fill a shift or review timesheets. Serve your customers, not the back office.

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online schedule maker for mobile scheduling app on iPhone and Android

Approve employee shift trade requests from your mobile phone.

See the entire schedule, or see who's working right now.

Create Open Shift requests on the go so you can always make sure you have enough staff.

Employees get shift notifications so you always know when you work.

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Employee Scheduling Apps
for iPhone & Android

Your job goes beyond your desk. So should your employee scheduling software. Employee scheduling apps for iPhone and Android help you and your employees manage the schedule while on the go.

Get the app. We’ll text you the link.

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Employee scheduling app on iPhone Android easy to manage hourly workforce from smartphone

Text your employees the schedule.

Send your employees a mobile alert when the schedule changes. Text messages beat email with a 99%+ open rate. Put the schedule in their pocket.

Stop dragging your business through quick sand.

You spend way too much time in the back office. Getting things done feels like struggling through quick sand — not to mention you’re chained to a desk when customers and employees need you. When I Work makes employee scheduling and communication easy and mobile. Spend less time scheduling and make life easier for everyone.

Perfect For Managers

  • Approve Time-off Requests

    Get notified when an employee makes a request for
    . Approve it and employees are alerted.

  • Moderate Swap & Drop Requests

    Approve shift trade or drop requests from the mobile
    scheduling app. Schedule employees on-the-go.

  • Find Shift Replacements

    Fill shifts quickly, notify available staff via email, text
    message, mobile phone, etc. —mobile staff scheduling.

  • Add/Edit & Publish/Unpublish Shifts

    Fine tune the schedule while on-the-go. Schedule shifts,
    notify staff and simplify scheduling.

Easy For Employees

  • 24/7 Access by Text Message or Apps

    Employees text "Do I work on Friday?" and When I Work
    responds instantly via text message.

  • Request Shift Trades

    Employees can make shift trade or drop requests with
    other employees. Managers are notified at every turn.

  • Browse & Contact Coworkers

    Employees can share their contact info with coworkers.
    Making it easy to communicate schedule changes.

  • Make Time-off Requests

    Staff can make time-off requests from their mobile
    phone and managers are notified via text message.

Do it all from your phone.

Fill shifts, approve requests, onboard employees, clock employees in — get everything done from your phone. Stay out of the back office — focus on your team and customers.

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