Upcoming Enhancements to When I Work – Phase 1

We have some awesome updates that are coming out next week and a few more in the near future.  We’ve been listening to you and have made some incredible enhancements while keeping things easy and smooth to use.  This is phase 1 – which includes some major improvements in the user experience along with some wonderfully enhanced features.

The Dashboard

The Dashboard got a lot sexier- like “Milan Fashion Week for employee scheduling software” sexy.  Ok I am definitely taking that a bit far – but the dashboard has been refreshed and it really does look nice.

If you have activated “Attendance” on your account, you will also notice that there a few additional views on your dashboard that will really help you streamline things.  One of the coolest things available is that you can now finalize your payroll right from the dashboard with this pretty blue button. Another really helpful addition is that you can track your payroll budget over the course of the pay period.  If you haven’t activated “Attendance” yet – and you get the feeling that you are missing out on something pretty neat – we are giving away a free 30-day trial of “Attendance” which is our time clock and attendance tracking app.Employee Scheduler Software Dashboard Finalize Payroll One Click

Probably my favorite new update to the dashboard is “attendance notices”.  You can easily see if someone hasn’t clocked in on time and send them a notification with one click (I like anything that only takes one click).

Employee Scheduling Software Attendance Notices Push Notification Alert Employee Missed Shift Clock In

Coming Soon: You might have also noticed in the above screenshot that Overtime Notices are on their way.  Really really soon, you will be able to see when people are approaching overtime so you can make real time decisions on who to send home early and who you need to bring in to cover the rest of that shift.


 Attendance and Time Sheets

Attendance BETA:  For those of you that were using our “Timesheets” tab – we are rolling out our new “Attendance” in this release – hence this tab is now called Attendance.  Don’t let this confuse you – it is still the same tab- but much improved.  With this enhanced layout, our time clock calculator gives you have the ability to change details on shifts once they have been clocked in, you can see a map of where the person clocked in, and you can see a history of that particular clock in.

Employee Scheduling Software Time Sheets Attendance Punch Clock Timeclock

Also, when an employees clocks out for lunch and then clocks back in a little later – it automatically creates a “break” in the timesheet making it easier to track the hours that actually need to be paid.

The Core

The Core Look & Feel:  There are also several subtle improvements that you will notice in the core look and feel.  The Toolbox has a beautifully refreshed view and the Control Panel on the left side is clearer for sorting.  It even allows you to quickly select “All Locations” or just individual locations with just one click.

Employee Scheduling Software Control Panal Select Multiple Locations

We have a bunch of other goodies that our development team is cooking up for you guys and I will let you know when these things are closer to launch.  Until then, enjoy the scrumptious goodness of Phase 1.

Upcoming Enhancements to When I Work - Phase 1