Two Big Updates That Make When I Work Easier

We have some really helpful enhancements coming out this week for our When I Work users (it’s being rolled out right now – so some of you may already see the new look).  I want to break it down for everyone into 2 topics – the My Schedule section and the Account & Billing section.  If you aren’t using When I Work for scheduling your employees- or better yet, you are still stuck on paper and pencil or Excel (sometimes referred to as ExcHell), then check out When I Work and try it free for 30 days (but if you still want to use Excel and you want a better template – we also created this free employee scheduling template for excel that will rock your world – check it out).

My Schedule

The new “My Schedule” section has been completely redesigned and is “so fresh and so clean clean” a la Outkast. The number one takeaway from the new My Schedule, is that we merged what used to be 4 sections: Availability, My Schedule, Time-off, and Full Schedule, into a single dashboard for employees. One of the first things you will notice is the format of the information. We’ve removed the bars and opted for a more calendar-like view.  By showing shifts in the new ‘boxes’ manner, we can show you two weeks of the schedule at a time which makes it easier to plan that “escape from the world” fishing trip with the buddies or the “pamper and indulge yourself” shopping spree you’ve been trying to make happen all year. It also just makes review of your schedule, your availability and who you are working with simpler.

Employee Schedule Software Calendar View When I Work

Also – check out this small “person” icon.  You can click on it to view a list of all the employees that work with you on that particular day (if your manager has enabled this).  This is helpful so you can figure out if you want to plan that “Sunday Funday” carry-in with your favorite co-workers, or if you want to do an extra half hour of yoga that morning because “you know who” is working that day.

Employee Scheduling Software Screenshot - When I Work - See who's working with you

The core flow of taking action on shifts is the same. In your schedule you can easily click on a shift to swap or drop a shift – or even just get more info about it.  We believe this format makes it easier for employees to see when they work and make requests on shifts that need their attention.

Employee Scheduling Software Screenshot - When I Work - Trading Shifts, Drop Shifts

Open shifts are now displayed underneath the schedule like they are in the employee dashboard – so if you are looking at your schedule and you are wishing you had more days that you were working – you can easily see how those open shifts fit into your current work schedule.

Employee Scheduling Software - When I Work - Screenshot - Pick Up Open Shifts From the Schedule

PLUS EMPLOYEES CAN CLOCK IN!!  If you aren’t using When I Work Attendance time clock yet – you are missing out on some really sick time and attendance tools. Check them out here.  If you are, we added another convenient way for employees to clock in from the My Schedule – just one more way to speed up how you track your time so that you can focus more on getting things done and less on how to document that you are working.

Employee Scheduling Software - When I Work - Screenshot - Time Clock - Clock in from the schedule

Account & Billing

The New Account & Billing section has also been completely redesigned which is a godsend for anyone that’s like me.  I have to look at every single option on a menu before I can make my decision – its annoying and frustrating – and my family sends me to the restaurant ahead of time just so that I am ready to order when everyone else is.  But seriously, having the ability to clearly add Attendance and Scheduling, or just Scheduling – the ability to select how many employees you have – select your country and decide if you want to subscribe yearly or monthly – all of those options made the billing page so confusing.  Now, you can quickly make changes and see how those changes affect your particular situation.

Employee Scheduling Software Screenshot - When I Work - Pricing, Accounts and Billing Page

Let us know what you think. This is just the tip of the iceberg. We have a lot of other helpful and valuable enhancements coming down the line. In particular, The Scheduler will be getting a subtle refresh soon and include improvements to how OpenShifts are created and managed as well as “Shift Acknowledgment” that will help managers rest assured that employes have not only seen their schedule, but confirmed with physical action that they’ve seen it. And finally, if you haven’t tried When I Work to schedule and communicate with your employees, please do. We don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Two Big Updates That Make When I Work Easier