Twitter Helps Employers Manage Staff Scheduling One Tweet at a Time

ST. PAUL, MN – November 7, 2011 –The social and mobile employee scheduling app, When I Work, launched Twitter integration this month that allows employees to keep tabs on their schedules every time they access the popular social site. The new Twitter integration extends When I Work’s already groundbreaking notification platform. Previously employees could receive shift alerts via text and email, but now they can also receive shift reminders and schedule alerts via tweets from the @wheniworkapp Twitter account.

Why combine Twitter with scheduling? Twitter is the language of the social universe, with over 80% of users between the ages of 18 and 49 (key ages of shift workers), and with 450,000 new accounts created every day, Twitter is only growing in influence. People access Twitter both at home and on-the-go, so it’s an easy and efficient way to keep up with  news, and communicate with friends and coworkers.

Chad Halvorson, CEO and co-founder of thisCLICKS says, “People who tweet tend to be on Twitter several times a day, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Many in the Twitter-verse monitor their feeds via desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones and text message. A friendly tweet reminding them of an upcoming shift has a better chance of finding their eyeballs than a text message or email. ”

Praetorians Inc. employee and avid Twitter user @Braie appreciates the extra reminder, she says, “I like getting tweet reminders about my schedule. Even if I’m away from my phone, I use Tweetdeck on my PC so the reminders are always there.”

The Twitter integration hasn’t only received rave reviews from employees. With the additional alerts and reminders provided by Twitter, managers can enjoy extra piece of mind knowing that staff will be prepared for their upcoming shifts. “Employees are automatically more aware of their schedules, and less likely to miss shifts. It gives managers an extra vote of confidence in their staff,” Halvorson explains.

Employees using When I Work can enable Twitter reminders via “Profile & Settings —> Social” in their account. Learn more about When I Work by visiting

Twitter Helps Employers Manage Staff Scheduling One Tweet at a Time