Restaurant Employee Productivity Improves with ‘When I Work’ Staff Scheduling Software

ST. PAUL, MN – June 22, 2011 – Restaurant staff software is helping restaurateurs of all sizes become more profitable, improve employee productivity and reduce scheduling problems thanks to “When I Work,” a web-based employee scheduling app for restaurants, retail, fast-food franchises and coffee shops.

“Today’s hospitality workers rely on their cell phones, text messages and the web to connect with their work as well as with their friends. To operate at optimum staff levels, employers need to create an employee work schedule and use employee scheduling software that fits into the busy lifestyle of today’s new mobile worker,” said Chad Halvorson, CEO of thisCLICKS. “ ‘When I Work’ makes scheduling staff easy and fast – and puts each employee’s work schedule in their pocket via their mobile phone.”

Unlike staff scheduling software from just a few years ago which was time-consuming and not easy to use, “When I Work” was built from the ground up to take advantage of mobile devices and the mobile lifestyles of employees. The look, feel, speed, and simplicity of “When I Work” take advantage of today’s mobile devices – from inexpensive text-only phones to sophisticated devices like iPhones and tablets.

“This means that hospitality managers, caterers, and fast-food franchises can work from anywhere to find staff and make last-minute changes to schedules,” Halvorson said.

“Restaurants can be more profitable when staffing is at optimum levels. A happy employee translates into a happy customer,” said Eric Wold, Manager of Patrick McGovern’s Pub in St. Paul, MN “Every restaurant will become better managed and better run if they used ‘When I Work.’ And that translates into increased profits, increased customer satisfaction and increased employee productivity. It’s the perfect win-win-win.”

Mobile access means employers won’t have to take phone calls asking, “When do I work?” or “Can I add another shift?” as employees can check and manage their schedules independently.

“It takes me less time to create the schedule. My employees are able to set their availability and make time-off requests online,” said Joseph Haj, owner of Yose’s Bar and Grill in Thief River Falls, MN.

Dunn Bros franchise co-owner Tom Nacey said the program has been great to use. “I can schedule out as far as I want. People know that they’re going to be taking the day off in July, they can go right in and say ‘I’m taking this day off.’ I just go in, click and approve it,” he said.  “When I Work saved the day when an employee broke a foot and couldn’t come to work at the last minute. I sent out a mass email to all the employees and said ‘this shift is available,’ ” he said.

“Getting a text message reminder a couple hours before my shift is great!” said Yose’s Bar and Grill employee Lisa Dicken, “I don’t need to stop in to check the printed schedule or call someone to ask.”

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Restaurant Employee Productivity Improves with 'When I Work' Staff Scheduling Software