New Web App Updates and Features You’ll Love

You’ve been asking and we’ve been listening. Today we’re excited to tell you about a few new features and updates that you’ll see and experience soon in the When I Work web app. Take a look:

New Scheduler

Our Scheduler has been completely redesigned and now aligns with the design you see throughout the entire dashboard. The functionality will remain the same, but two new features have been added: Grouped OpenShifts and Shift Acknowledgment (both are outlined below).

Employee Scheduler

Grouped OpenShifts

You will now be able to create OpenShifts in bulk. Simply enter an OpenShift and input how many of that OpenShift you want to be available. A badge icon will appear on the OpenShift with the number you setup with the OpenShift. As employees “Take” the shift, the number will count down.

Shift Acknowledgment

You can now allow and ask employees to acknowledge that they have seen their shifts. Employees will see which shifts they need to confirm in My Schedule. A confirmation icon will appear next to the employee names in the Scheduler to indicate what shifts the employee has acknowledged.

Note for Legacy plan users: You will need to upgrade if you want access to the new Shift Acknowledgment feature. 

For more information about Shift Confirmation and Acknowledgement, click here.

New Print Preview

Our Print Preview page has also been redesigned and now aligns with the design you see throughout the entire dashboard. The functionality remains the same.

Employee Scheduling App Print

What do you think about the new features and updates? Leave a note for us in the comments section below!

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New Web App Updates and Features You'll Love