New Facebook App Makes Employee Scheduling Simple, Social, and Shareable

ST. PAUL, MN – November 2, 2011 – With work schedules that vary day-to-day, night-to-night, it’s no wonder that 29% of shift workers are dissatisfied with their work-life balance, and 31% complain of “role overload.” Not only does the shift-work lifestyle make it difficult to schedule social activities to offset work stress, but it also makes it hard to keep track of work schedules, family and other responsibilities.

The forward-thinking employee scheduling software, When I Work, has now made shift management effortless, shareable, and social through a new Facebook app, launching this week. With the unique When I Work Facebook app, users will be able to seamlessly check their work schedules and have the option to share their schedules with friends with the upcoming Facebook Timeline. Employers benefit from having yet another way to help keep staff accountable for their shifts.

If you’re wondering why staff would want to merge their work schedules with their Facebook lives, consider the value of both convenience and schedule sharing.  With the When I Work Facebook app, staff will be able to check when they work every time they open Facebook—which on average is 40 times per month—without ever having to log in to their When I Work account or smartphone app. If they opt to share their work schedule on their Facebook Timeline, Facebook friends know when they are at work, and when they get off. Not only does this foster accountability and productivity, but it can also help employees organize social events around their availability.
Dunn Bros Coffee employee Aria Trombley says, “I like having my schedule available every time I open Facebook. The app has really helped me get a handle on my work schedule and my social schedule.”  When someone shares their work schedule on Facebook, friends might see “Aria is working 3-7pm” and can comment with a friendly, “Hey, wanna get together after work tonight?” This eliminates the back and forth about if and how late they work.

Missed shifts are a woe that every manager must deal with from time to time. When an employee doesn’t show up, the whole day must be reworked to fit the gap in staff. With the When I Work Facebook app, managers can rest easy knowing there is yet another tool, which over half a billion people use anyway, to remind their staff of when they work. “Every reminder improves awareness, and that makes a huge difference. When you’re as busy as my staff, sometimes it’s hard to remember to check your schedule. The [When I Work] Facebook app makes it automatic,” says Tom Nacey, co-owner of Dunn Bros Coffee in Oakdale, MN

The Facebook app is a logical next step for When I Work, which leads the way in mobile scheduling software by offering free iPhone and Android apps for people in staff and management positions. “As we seek more mobility and simplicity in our lives, promoting a mobile and social workforce is not only convenient, but necessary for employee satisfaction, accountability, and productivity,” says thisCLICKS CEO and Co-founder Chad Halvorson.

The When I Work Facebook App is free via Facebook, and easy to use. For questions, concerns, and any feedback, contact When I Work.

New Facebook App Makes Employee Scheduling Simple, Social, and Shareable