Minneapolis Franchise My Burger Serves Up Smart Employee Scheduling with “When I Work”

My BurgerST. PAUL, MINN. (November 8th, 2012) — thisCLICKS LLC announced today that Minneapolis/St. Paul-based My Burger has selected When I Work to simplify employee scheduling and communication for its specialty restaurant chain. When I Work’s cloud-based mobile platform is helping My Burger save time, reduce absenteeism and improve employee accountability.

“When we discovered When I Work, it was a breath of fresh air,” says Patrick Cattoor, manager of the Calhoun, My Burger location. My Burger previously used a standard print-and-post system that drained management resources and frustrated employees. Despite the company’s forward-thinking processes, such as buying local whenever possible, and bringing style to “fast-casual” dining through design and cheeky marketing, Cattoor says, “our managing systems were completely archaic.” For instance, every time employees swapped shifts or needed time off, Cattoor would have to sit down with a pile of requests, update the spreadsheet schedule, reprint, and hope employees called or came in to check the schedule.

When I Work takes the time and frustration out of dealing with schedule changes for both Cattoor and his employees. With When I Work, Cattoor simply receives a notification when an employee requests time off or a shift swap, and he can approve or deny the request with the push of a button from his computer or mobile phone. All changes are automatically reflected in the schedule, which is viewable online and via mobile 24/7.

My Burger employees appreciate the accessibility and mobility of When I Work. Cattoor says that employees quickly adopted the new technology and immediately began setting availability, and preferences. Favorite features among Cattoor’s staff center around mobility, including the free iPhone and Android apps, as well as the two-way text messaging. Even without a smartphone, they can text “SHIFT” and receive an automatic reply text that includes details about their next shift. Cattoor says, “Our employees appreciate that they can check their schedules anytime, meaning they can plan the rest of their week accordingly, without stopping-in or calling.”

“If you want to be efficient, you need a labor management tool that provides structure and communication to keep things running smoothly,” says Chad Halvorson, CEO of thisCLICKS. “My Burger needed a scheduling system that matched the innovation in the rest of their business. We’re thrilled to be providing that to them.”

About When I Work
When I Work is a mobile employee scheduling platform that is reinventing workforce management through an innovative blend of collaborative communication technologies; —including the web, mobile apps, text messaging, social media, and email. Since 2010 When I Work has helped thousands of businesses effectively schedule over 50,000 employees, helping businesses save time and improve employee accountability.



Minneapolis Franchise My Burger Serves Up Smart Employee Scheduling with “When I Work”