The Schedules of 20 Famous People, Past & Present [Infographic]

If you want to be successful in life and in your career, you have to develop consistent habits. Many of the greatest minds and most infamous people in business and history got to where they did by developing habits and following very specific daily schedules (sometimes even down to the minute).

In the infographic below, we’re highlighting a few of those schedules* and giving you an inside look at how 20 famous people from the past and present typically spend their day. We hope these schedules inspire you to create a consistent daily schedule that helps you boost productivity and get ahead in your personal life or career. Take a look:

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The Schedules of 20 Famous People

*Note: not all schedule represent typical days – some are based on a single day or a specific day that was highlighted in one of the sources we pulled qualitative and quantitative data from. If you’d like more clarification on the schedules we outlined, visit the source links included at the bottom of the infographic. The numbers in the source list correspond to the numbers in the infographic itself.