3000 Reasons We Just Received $4 Million

Who knew back in September, when we won the high-tech division of the Minnesota Cup — the statewide entrepreneurial competition that recognizes budding young companies and their breakthrough ideas — that a few short months later thisCLICKS (aka When I Work) would have venture capital funding? Yep, it’s true. After 3 and a half years of organic growth, we are excited to announce that thisCLICKS has received $4 million in a first round of Series A funding.

That’s million with an “m”… which also stands for money, which we will be using to expand our current offerings, further enhance our mobile apps, add more horsepower (aka hire more people) and set the stage for a no-holds-barred reinvention of a very broken industry.

Thanks to capital from our first, and very fantastic, investors on both coasts and in Minneapolis — e.ventures (other investments include Groupon, Angie’s List, Nginx, GoToMyPC), Greycroft (other investments include Klout, Buddy Media, Braintree) and Arthur Ventures (other investments include LeadPages, Infusionsoft, Workface) — thisCLICKS is now unquestionably poised to grow. Or explode, depending on your perspective. We’re on our way to becoming the number one cloud platform for businesses to coordinate and communicate with their hourly employees. Did you know that pretty much 60% of the nation’s workforce is an hourly employee? Neither did I until 6 months ago.

So, if you’re super smart, want to fix this broken mess of an industry, and believe in beautiful B2B software  — we’re looking for engineers, product marketers, customer helpers, anyone looking for exciting challenges with a tech startup on the way up — we’d love to chat. The most talented people in Minneapolis / St. Paul already work here, so why not join them! :)

To date, nearly 3,000 companies (aka paying customers) with more than 200,000 employees worldwide — including The UPS Store, Aspen Snowmass, 1-800-GOT-JUNK and SoundCloud — are already making their lives easier and saving tons of time with our signature products: When I Work and WageBaseHundreds of new businesses signup for our products every day and we’re in love with every one of them.

Here in our hometown(s) of Minneapolis and St. Paul our products are used and loved by companies like MyBurger, Dunn Bros Coffee and Yogurt Lab, to name a few. Our quickly growing client base has helped thisCLICKS experience double-digit growth each month over the last 12 months. Considering we started this venture with three twist-ties and some pocket lint* we’ve come a long a way since When I Work’s launch just three years ago. We’re extremely proud of our bootstrapped DNA. When I Work was built on shear grit (and fantastic customers) and emerged profitable in 2013 before taking on outside capital for the first time.

I originally built a prototype way back in 2000 for checking one’s schedule online and then another prototype in 2004. The domain for wheniwork.com was purchased even longer ago, in 1998 — when I worked in a grocery store. Back then, When I Work was an idea ahead of its time. The missing ingredient was a connected world and mobile. But today, here we are! And we’re excited to see what the next 1000 days have in store.  ;)

*Not actually accurate. Props to Meditech Communications for helping us pave the way.

3000 Reasons We Just Received $4 Million