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Make Part-Time Employee Development a Priority

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Too often companies hire part-time staff then heed them little or no attention. A decision like that can bring negative results for your company: unmotivated and unreliable part-time staff, frequent turnover, low productivity and a potential decrease in sales. If a company doesn’t value its staff, why would employees want to help it succeed? This… Read more »

How Technology Can Help You Increase Sales

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Even if your business has virtually nothing to do with technology, implementing a little here and there can work wonders in boosting your overall sales. Customers are more used to a digital, high-tech world, and while this does not mean you have to over-complicate your business, it does mean your customers will come to expect… Read more »

8 Tips on How to Write Your First Employee Handbook

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A well-written employee handbook is essential for creating a strong relationship with your hourly employees. Employee handbooks are an excellent way to kickoff effective communication with your employees and make sure that everyone is on the same page for rules, expectations, and processes from the get-go. This is an excellent resource to train new employees… Read more »