The Business Growth
Email Series

Growing your business isn’t just about selling more products or bringing more foot traffic through your door. There’s a lot more that goes into it than that. In order to build a sustainable business that continues to grow over time, you have to hire the right people, use the right tools, make the right financial decisions, and put the right processes in place. This email course will put you on the right track toward happier employees, better productivity, and a stronger, more profitable business.


The Business Growth Email Series is your guide to becoming a better and more effective business owner. It covers a wide variety of topics intended to help you excel in the area of business growth. In this book, you will learn:

  • How to save money by automating tedious tasks
  • How to become more productive at running your business
  • How to find employees who can help you grow your business
  • How to motivate, manage, and retain millennial employees
  • How to reach more customers without breaking the bank
  • How to manage stress and find balance as a business owner

Emails In The Series

The Business Growth Email Series is comprised of the following:

Email 1

What Your Employees Need To Succeed

Email 2

There’s a Better
Way To Schedule Using Excel

Email 3

How To Attract
The Best Employees Out There

Email 4

The One Scheduling Trick That Could Save You Thousands

Email 5

How Millennials
Are Changing
Business Forever

Email 6

5 Simple and Low-Cost Tricks For Growing Your Business

Email 7

The Tools Your Business Needs

Email 8

Managing Stress as a Business Owner

Email 9

What You Can’t Do When You Waste Time on Back-Office Tasks

Email 10

4 Tricks For Bringing New Customers Through The Door

Why You Need This Course

Your customers and employees deserve a business owner who cares. They deserve someone who isn’t OK with just scraping by. They deserve someone who’s motivated to be the best. Someone who inspires, who pushes, who goes above and beyond to help—someone who is committed to do what it takes to build something great. In order to be that person, you have to constantly be learning. This course was written to help you put the right people, tools, and processes in place in order to spark business growth.


  • Who is this course for?

    This course is intended for any business owner or manager leading a team of employees.

  • How long is this course?

    This course is made up of 10 lessons. You will also receive one introduction email and one conclusion email.

  • How much does this course cost?

    It’s free! We just ask that you provide us with your email address to get access. We respect your privacy and will never share your email address with outside parties.

  • What kind of topics are covered?

    Employee retention, employee success, business growth ideas, managing millennials, scheduling, productivity, technology, and more.

  • What format is this course offered in?

    The lessons in the course are sent through emails directly to your inbox.

  • Why should I sign up for the course?

    To learn how to build a more sustainable and profitable business, and to become a better manager to your employees.

  • Why did you write this course?

    To help business owners and managers build stronger teams and strengthen their businesses.

  • Where should I go for more tips and advice?

    For even more ideas on employee engagement, management, HR, and business growth, visit the When I Work blog.

About The Author

Chad Halvorson is the Founder & CEO of When I Work, a company that makes work less work for the hourly workforce. Over 40,000 businesses rely on When I Work to schedule, communicate, and track time with their employees. Over the past decade, Chad has successfully built 3 multi-million dollar companies, all of which are still operating today. As an experienced entrepreneur and business leader, Chad has gained valuable knowledge experience in the areas of employee management and looks forward to sharing his ideas, tactics, and techniques with other business owners looking to strengthen their own teams.

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