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For businesses that ebb and flow with the seasons, scheduling can be a hassle. Between finding seasonal employees and accommodating shifting employee schedules, it's easy to get overwhelmed. When I Work simplifies schedule management, even at your busiest times, with better communication, streamlined schedule changes, and mobile apps that let you update the schedule on-the-go. Sign up for a trial to learn how you can simplify employee scheduling and improve productivity at your theme park, zoo, or entertainment business.

A better way to manage staff year-round.

theme park scheduling software for hourly workers and managing employees with shift planning

Simplify Updates

When I Work makes schedule updates simple, fast, and mobile. If you need to add or remove a shift, simply use the mobile app on your iPhone or Android. Updates will automatically appear on the schedule when published.

Company-Wide Communication

Encourage communication among employees and between management and staff with When I Work. Employees can quickly find shift replacements, then send the shift swap to the manager for approval, all from their mobile phones.

Columbus Zoo & Aquarium

Open since 1927 and long-considered one of the top-ten zoos in America, this zoo continuously focuses on ways to grow while retaining their mark of excellence in the zoo community. Their focus on quality has paid off, as the USA Travel Guide calls it the aspiration of any traditional zoo. Along with over 7,000 animals, this zoo has more recently expanded to include a water park, amusement park and golf resort.





"The text message 'shift reminders' helped eliminate employee tardiness and absences, plus employees are better prepared for work. My managers are now able to create a 150+ person schedule in about an hour and our staffing this summer has been better than ever."

-Director of Operations, Columbus Zoo & Aquarium

Key Values

Saves management 3-4 hours per week

Better communication via mobile apps

Eliminates hassles with last minute changes


As the number of employees and departments grew, so did the scheduling challenges. Last minute changes, time-off requests, and shift swaps were manually entered and communicated, which was time-consuming and inconvenient for supervisors and employees. In addition, despite being handed hard copies of the schedule, staff members occasionally missed shifts.


After implementing When I Work, scheduling is easier and faster than ever. Every employee can access the schedule through their smartphone app, eliminating the need for hard copies, email, and telephone tag. Employees are more engaged in the schedule and management can instantly send notifications about shift openings or changes to the entire staff via text and email. When I Work saves valuable time and simplifies life for employees.

Museum Hack

Museum Hack





"Upgrading to When I Work was a game changer for us. Now we have a dedicated platform for scheduling our hourly people and they consistently show up on time, ready to perform. This massive improvement is despite doubling our team to 24+ people spread across multiple time zones. The result? We reached $1 million in sales this year, and When I Work has been a key contributor to that growth."

-Michael Alexis

Key Values

Ability for teams to communicate eficiently with one another

Mobile apps make it easy to convenient to create and check schedules

Time saved spent creating and managing schedules

Museum Hack was founded by Nick Gray to help share his passion of museums. As part of their success, Museum Hack ofers fun, interactive and engaging tours that draw young and diverse visitors. Museum Hack also does private tours for companies which are optimized for team building but just as fun as the public tours. Although it’s roots started in New York City, Museum Hack has now grown to multiple cities such as San Francisco and Washington D.C.!

Prior to When I Work, Nick managed his employee scheduling via Google Calendar. However, he soon discovered that there was no ability to track shif accountability, no easy way to drag and drop shifs around on the calendar, and the implementation of shif reminders was dificult for staff. It became clear to Nick that with a dispersed workforce operating in diferent time zones, the only way to remain eficient was to bring all his scheduling into a centralized app.

Nick chose When I Work because with the Mobile App, he has quick visibility to who is working today. If a new tour request comes in, he can also use Shif Blocks to add popular shifs quickly into the schedule. Employees also benefit from the Mobile App because they can sign up to receive automated shif reminders and never be late to meet guests.

By using the time-saving features When I Work provides, Nick can now focus more time on ways to grow the business. Join us in congratulating Museum Hack for reaching $1 million in sales this year!

Lanier World

Georgia's premier resort and summer vacation destination. 400+ employees | 12 departments, 16 different job roles.





"We looked at other scheduling systems but chose When I Work because it was easy to use and the employees like using it. Before, the managers were on the phone all the time with employees about schedules. When I Work eliminated most of those calls by helping the employees be more self-reliant."

-Operations Director, Lanier World

Key Values

Employees are more engaged with the schedule

Management saves time making and managing the schedule

Enhanced communications via web, apps and text


The height of the busy season requires a large number of seasonal employees and makes the scheduling challenging and cumbersome. Previously schedules were created on a spreadsheet and posted for employees. But ever-changing staffing needs resulted in constant changes to the schedule, which meant lots of phone calls to employees. This was not only time consuming but the problem was compounded by the demanding nature of the manager's job. These challenges resulted in missed shifts and frustration.


When I Work streamlined the scheduling and communication process. Schedule updates are simple and employees get automatic notification via text messages and email. Telephone calls have been eliminated. Employees have complete access to the schedule, while managers can monitor schedule changes and time-off requests via their mobile phones.

Woody's Yogurt Place

Woody's Yogurt Place

Woody's has been proudly serving customers in the Strawberry Village Shopping Center in
Mill Valley, California since 1998.





Key Values

Flexible monthly billing to fluctuate with workforce demands

Shift reminders to keep employees accountable to upcoming shifts

Copy shifts and schedules to save time

Woody's Yogurt shop is owned by father and son, Michael and Brian Woodson. Brian is the Operations Manager and is in charge of hiring and scheduling employees.

Woody's was founded in 1998 and is located in Mill Valley, California, a small town just north of the Golden Gate Bridge. It offers a rotating stock of ice cream and frozen yogurt flavors to match the season. It has deep roots in the community and has supported many local schools and sports teams over the years. They also hire local high school and college students.

Brian’s hiring fluctuates with the seasons. In the high season, Woody’s employs approximately 15 employees and during the low season, employs approximately 5 employees. Prior to using When I Work, the Daytime Manager used a paper calendar posted to the staff room to share the employee schedule. Employees would then come into the shop to copy down their shifts for the upcoming week. All time off requests and employee availability information were written onto the paper calendar.

Brian selected When I Work because it was built to improve team communication as well as improve employee accountability. With the mobile app, employees can quickly gain access to their schedule, receive text reminders of upcoming shifts, and easily trade shifts with colleagues. Prior to When I Work, trading shifts required a lot of legwork from Managers to find replacements, and now it takes a couple clicks in the app!

Employees love When I Work and it took about one week to adopt the app into their store’s workflow. Brian also explained that When I Work offered Live Chat and email assistance so they feel comfortable asking questions. He’s now completing his weekly scheduling in 10 mins!

Malco Theatres

6 Theatres, approximately 200 employees, depending upon season: Concessions, usher, box, doorman, 3-D, Group Show.





"[When I Work] makes scheduling like a living thing. We wanted a much higher reliability rate and a transparent process. When I Work gave us that."

-Nathan McDaniel, Eastern Regional Manager

Key Values

Increased employee accountability

Save manager 4-5 hours of hassle per week

Increased communications between employees


Prior to using When I Work, the schedules were done manually on a spreadsheet and posted. Employees would miss shifts because they "never saw the schedule". Calling employees and managing shift swaps was a big headache.


When I Work streamlined the schedule creation and communication process. Employees are now accountable for their shifts because of the interactive systems of text notices and reminders. The schedule each theatre manager creates is monitored by the regional manager to make sure staffing levels are adequate.

Painted Kanvas

Painted Kanvas





"I am always looking for a way to save time for my business. Using When I Work provided me with the ability to process employee requests [such as Swap/ Drop Requests] quickly without major interruptions in my day. I can just focus on my business and not have worry about staff clocking in late!"

-Chelsea Rose, Co-Founder of Painted Kanvas

Key Values

Employee accountability built into the app

Minimal manager oversight needed

Easy-to-use platform

Painted Kanvas opened in 2014 in Lawrence, KS and specializes in offering a one-of-a-kind painting experience where customers can learn how to paint in a relaxing environment with friends, family and co-workers. With interactive sessions hosted by local artists, Painted Kanvas is dedicated to creating an inviting space for artistic exploration!

A majority of Painted Kanvas’ events are scheduled in advance by clients. This makes scheduling difficult as there is no easy way to anticipate fluctuating workforce demand on a weekly basis. By using the When I Work’s availability tool, Employee Artists can enter their personal preferences. This helps Chelsea organize her time and process incoming event requests quickly by easily seeing who is available and qualified to work a specific type of event.

Employees also have the ability to turn on Shi Reminders to prevent tardiness. In addition, Chelsea also turned on the ability to allow Employees to edit their timesheets in case an event went longer than intended. With this additional visibility into their personal timesheets, Employees can quickly view their scheduled hours versus their actual hours.

Painted Kanvas selected When I Work because it was built for scheduling flexibility and it gave employees more accountability to their shis. It’s clear that with When I Work, Chelsea’s workflow is simplified and she can focus on more ways to grow her business!

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