Instant Text Message & Email Alerts

No smartphone required. Staff texts "Do I work on Friday?" and When I Work responds instantly.

Alerts & Notifications via Email & Text Message

Shift Schedule Email & Text Message Alerts

Text message and email alerts keep staff connected, and notify them of upcoming shifts, schedule updates, requests and open shifts. Automatic alerts mean fewer missed shifts, and a better-prepared workforce. Schedule accessibility and mobility help keep employees happier too by lowering work-related stress.

Shift Reminders Text Messages

Shift Reminders

Boost accountability with text message reminders. Employees can configure shift reminders to arrive when they're most helpful, whether that's a few hours, or an entire day, in advance.

2-way Text Message Alerts

Employees don't need a fancy smartphone, or even a computer, to view their schedules. They can just text the word "SHIFT" and instantly get their next shift information sent back to them.

2-way Schedule Text Alerts