How to Write the Perfect Restaurant Manager Job Description

Restaurants thrive when a motivated manager is in place. Not only do they keep employees productive and constantly improving within…


How to Motivate Your Restaurant Employees

Guess what happens when a restaurant has happy, motivated employees? It thrives. Customers are impressed by the incredible customer service….


7 Proven Ways to Boost Employee Loyalty at Your Restaurant

Restaurant News reported that, in 2014, the annual turnover rate for hourly restaurant employees hovered at 94%. By that count,…

customer_loyalty-01 (1)

25 Tips for Boosting Customer Loyalty at Your Restaurant

More than 70% of customers visit a restaurant once and never go back. These one-time visitors aren’t the bread and…

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The Biggest Restaurant Management Trends You Need to Know About in 2016

With over 1 million restaurants in the United States, there’s a lot of pressure to compete for customers. New restaurants…

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7 Tips for Reducing Employee Churn At Your Restaurant

You work hard to hire the right people at your restaurant, so it’s frustrating when you are constantly losing good…


8 Mistakes Most Restaurant Owners Make When It Comes to Hiring and Managing Employees

Restaurant owners wear a lot of hats: personnel manager, HR recruiter, marketing director, chef, bartender, and host. Depending on the…


8 Easy Ways to Bring New Customers to your Restaurant in 2016

Every restaurant wants more new customers. Why wouldn’t they? A steady stream of new faces means more word of mouth…


5 Must Do’s for Every Hospitality Operator in 2015

When a new hospitality-related regulation is enacted, our organization is often the first call restaurant and bar owners make. Here…


6 Experts on How to Grow a Successful Business in the Restaurant Industry

If you’ve ever thought about starting or taking over a business in the restaurant industry, now might be the perfect time…


How To Hook, Train and Keep High-Quality Restaurant Employees

The National Restaurant Association is excited about working with the Department of Labor on an unprecedented tool for the restaurant…

WhenIWork Restaurant Customer Loyalty Hacks

8 Brilliant Hacks For Boosting Restaurant Customer Loyalty

Thanks to the ever-increasing popularity of review sites and services like Yelp, Google Reviews, Twitter, Facebook, and others, it’s never…


13 Marketing Campaigns You Should Try This Summer – For Restaurants!

If you’re not scooping ice cream or selling floaties, you may be dreading summer as a small business owner since…


3 Ways to Build Long-lasting Relationships at Your Restaurant

At Tuee, we work with restaurateurs on a daily basis. Many of our conversations go like this. “I don’t get…

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