5 Signs Your Business is Maturing and What You Need to Know

You can’t always be starting up. This seems like a world that celebrates startups, but you can’t remain there. At…


How to Attract Teens as Customers & Employees with M Commerce

“M Commerce” is a new buzzword for transactions conducted on phones, but mobile commerce has been on the rise for…

restaurant_labor_blog (3)

How Restaurant Managers Are Dealing with Labor Issues

With new Labor Laws in limbo, businesses of all sizes are trying to figure out the best way to mitigate…

spa_blog (1)

5 Tips To Drive More Salon and Spa Appointments in March

Post Valentine’s Day and pre-prom season can see a slight lull in your salon. Don’t stay idle during this time….


Cybersecurity: What You Need to Know to Protect your Business

Cybersecurity may sound like something that only healthcare and fortune 500 companies need to think about, but as all levels…


Growing Your Business: How to Get Started with Tech

Technology solutions are changing the way businesses everywhere are run. According to a study recently published by Deloitte, almost all…


How to Attract the Best Seasonal Workers

Attracting top talent to a seasonal position can be a tall order, and when it comes to your busiest times…

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Roundup of a roundup: Advice from Leaders We Admire

Around here, First Round Review is one of our favorite sources for advice from leaders across industries. Think of it…

male_shoppers_blog (1)

Men are Now Outspending Women in Retail: How to Attract Male Customers

Conventional wisdom about men and women’s spending habits have begun to change. Men are now outspending women by 13%, and…


Millennials are All Grown Up: The New Needs of Your Workforce

Gen Z may be the new shiny generation on the block, but chances are your current workforce is stacked with…

Valentines Image

Earn your Employees Affection This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about your customers. It’s an important time to show your staff that you appreciate their work….

how to make employee scheduling easier

8 Ways to Make Scheduling Easier at Your Business

You have employees that are juggling school, families, or additional jobs, and you are trying to juggle all of that…


New Book: The People Management Handbook

The best-kept secret and hardest lesson that no one tells you when you become a manager of people is this:…


How To Write An Effective Employee Handbook

What if there was one tool that could keep all of your employees on the same page, knowing exactly what…


A Quick Guide To Effective Employee Engagement

You wouldn’t be a company if you didn’t have employees. And, if you want to be successful in business, you…

Stress Management Techniques

11 Effective Stress Management Techniques For Leaders

Small business owners may just be the hardest and longest working and people in our economy. You understand why you’re…


25 Inspirational Quotes To Make 2015 Your Best Year Ever

January is the month to set new goals, make new promises, and dream new dreams. To kick off and celebrate…


13 Compelling Facts About Work In The 21st Century

We’re two decades into the 21st century, and the way we do work has changed substantially from previous centuries. In…

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